Three-Episode Test: Tari Tari

If Crunchyroll has existed when I started blogging about anime back in 200x, I don’t think I would’ve had to take that long hiatus. This sounds like such a paltry excuse (to what is essentially a first world problem), but I really hated downloading fansubs. Everything was such a process: waiting for the subbers to put the episode on torrents, then having to seed an episode — which could take anywhere for a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how popular the show was, before I actually got to watch anything. Multiply this by the number of shows that I was watching that season, and add more if I was catching up on older shows. I’m not saying that what I had to go through was difficult; but compared to today’s simulcasts and streaming availability, watching a current season’s anime, even a few years ago, involved a little bit of effort.

Now that I’ve spoken on my soapbox, I’m reviving my three-episode test on some of the new series that’s available through Crunchyroll. I’ve seen several interesting blog posts on Tari Tari, so even though I’m generally biased against these types of series (to be explained later), I wanted to see if it would pass the three-episode test.

Konatsu MIYAMOTO, a third-year student at Shirahamazaka High School,  quits the school’s music club and starts her own chorus club with a (mostly unwilling) group of friends. It sounds a bit like a Haruhi redux, except Konatsu isn’t insane and the rest of her friends are your seemingly normal types. The story is engaging and amusing enough in the first three episodes, though; or maybe I’ve just set my expectations artificially low since it is yet another high-school life series?

I’m also liking the OP sequence and song; it does evoke that nostalgia of carefree days and good friends of high school. Though, studios really have to quit including scenes with the moe girls crying during the opening. Stop manipulating my emotions, anime!


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  1. Top3 reasons to watch Tari Tari
    3) Wakana’s ponytail
    2) Sawa’s twin ponytails
    1) Sabure

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