Fanstuff Friday: Anime Amigurumi

When I took my long hiatus from anime-watching, I discovered a few new hobbies to occupy my time. A couple of the hobbies that I discovered and have come to love are crochet and knitting. I learned how to crochet in elementary school, so it was a matter of looking at some Youtube videos to refresh my memory on how to work the stitches; whereas in knitting, I had to take classes and start off at the lowest rung. I don’t think of myself as an independently creative person, so these two hobbies suit me well: I merely have to follow a set of instructions (ie. the pattern) and I end up with a really cute or functional product in the end!

Of course, it turns out that within the crochet and knitting universe, I couldn’t escape anime.  I’ve made scarves and sweaters, but I’ve also come to love making lots of amigurumi, or little knitted/crocheted dolls. Amigurumi-making is really fun since you don’t need a lot of yarn to start with; if you have friends (or a parent or relatives) who have yarn stashes, you can probably ask them for a couple of yards worth in order to start your project. Starting off, it may be best to pick an amigurumi pattern that only uses one color of yarn. Once you get more experienced, you can make even more elaborate designs, even make various clothing for your dolls.

The sites that I like the most for free anime amigurumi patterns are the aptly-named Nerdigurumi and the Crochet amigurumi sub-board of Craftster. Etsy has several vendors who sell anime amigurumi patterns, and if you’re not feeling motivated to make your own doll, some of them even would make it for you for a nominal commission fee. If you’re a member of Ravelry, I do remember seeing a few anime-inspired projects there, but not as much as the sites I’ve mentioned earlier.

I’ve compiled three of the projects that I just fell in love with below:

1) hooked on amicute made this adorable duo of Totoro and the Catbus. I love that you can squeeze the little Totoro amigurumi inside so that he could get to his next destination. I really like all the little details: the “Mei” as the bus’ next stop, and even the mice headlights.

2) Generally, the mascots in anime do make for cuter amigurumi. Even though I couldn’t finish reading and/or watching Kobato without feeling like I just went through lobotomy, I’m still interested in making this Ioryogi. He seems so much calmer as an actual plush doll, don’t you think?

3) And though it’s not anime, who could resist this adorable pocket Loki? It looks more complex than the other amigurumi that I’ve made so far (I have a feeling attaching the hair is going to be complicated), but…but… he even has a little staff! There’s also a corresponding pattern for Thor, if you’re into that sort of thing. And like every good little hipster, pocket Loki has his very own tumblr at Over the Bifrost.

It’s sort of easier to justify all this cute stuff if I say that I make my own.

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