Three-Episode Test: Full Moon

I realize that It sounds weird to do a three-episode test for a series that’s more than ten years old and which I’ve already watched. Well, I still wanted to write another Shojo Beat-related post, especially since I flaked out on both Thursday and Friday, so I figure, why not write about one of the SB anime series that Viz actually has available for free online.

Full Moon is a tricky series — it happened before the moe trend really got defined as a ‘thing,’ so while Mitsuki is a quintessential example of a heroine who would be perfect moe fodder now, I feel that she doesn’t have the affectations of the moe kyun characters from recent series. She’s actually pretty with it for a twelve-year old. Considering that she was just informed that she essentially has a year left to live, she’s actually acting extremely mature and composed. I’m a thirtysomething and I don’t think I would’ve reacted that calmly to hearing news like that.

What does annoy me in these first three episodes is the same thing that did annoy Takuto: so you, Mitsuki, claim that you want to be a singer…as part of a promise that you made with a boy? I agree that if she wanted to make it a singer, then great. But for a boy, and for one whom she hasn’t had any contact with in two years? That’s not really great motivation.

And let’s talk about Eichi for a quick second — so Mitsuki is currently twelve at the beginning of the series, and he’s eighteen. So two years ago, she was ten years old and he would’ve been sixteen…and according to Mitsuki, he confessed that he liked her (and I’m presuming that she took it as a romantic confession, not just a friendly, “hey kid, I like you” way). DUDE, that’s creepy.*

I was reading elsewhere that Tanemura was quoted in saying that she doesn’t consider Full Moon a magical girl series, so if I even dared call this a magical girl series, I would be  strangled to death by Mitsuki’s curls! I’m curious if the author only considers works where there are girls fighting enemies with their magical powers as magical girl series. I think that, in this particular case, Mitsuki’s ability to change her appearance to an older version of herself with the help of a magical entity in the form of Takuto does put this squarely in the realm of the “magical girl.” I’m not discounting that Mitsuki’s voice and singing ability are her own talents, but if there was no supernatural intervention in her change of appearance, then Full Moon wouldn’t have been the same series at all, wouldn’t it?

I do have to say that, of any anime that I’ve watched, I really adore all of the songs that they created for this anime series. I could listen to “Eternal Snow” and “New Future” on repeat forever and ever. myco’s voice is perfection.

If this was my first time watching Full Moon, I would probably continue watching, if only for the songs and to find out if Mitsuki would actually make it.

* I do know what happens to Eichi, but remember, these opinions are based only from the first three episodes.


One thought on “Three-Episode Test: Full Moon

  1. Aevrus has mentioned Full Moon as part of his recent re-watching efforts (where he mentions that it’s the greatest anime of all time) so I recently watched a couple of episodes (it’s not like those others that have been on my watching list forever, I swear) and I thought they were pretty decent. There’s not enough info yet to tell if Eichi was humoring a little girl with a crush on him or if he was totally robbing the cradle, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now. The music in the show is rather excellent, though it’ll take some doing for it to knock NANA out of my top spot for best music in a series.

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