Making the (Boy) Band: Thoughts on Uta no Prince-sama MAJI LOVE 2000%

tumblr_mkacc9AosN1s49ruvo1_1280This is an instance where tumblr has an advantage over long-form blogging. For this show, any fujoshi worth her salt doesn’t want to read a summary or an editorial. Not when they can have this

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(Gif set source: ayanime)

I admit that I watched a couple of episodes of the first season sometime back in September. It seemed ridiculous then and it seems ridiculous now. Which is not to say that I’m not watching it; it’s just that the older I get, the more that these types of shows have value only when I’m watching it with everyone else.  I can’t get away with my usual habit of marathoning all the episodes once they’re finished (which I do for 70% of anything that I watch). With UtaPri 2, the excitement and the fujoshi feels are best experienced and expressed immediately after a new episode.

And never has the word fujoshi been more appropriate… All of my ‘dirty girl’ buttons were pushed just watching that OP. Am I watching a boyband or Chippendale strippers? Ichinose, the resident tsundere, sure knows how to move that butt….

I find it interesting how quickly they were able to debut and become pro. I’ve recently watched several tv shows and documentaries about Korean boy bands, and their experience is not as easy as the boys in UtaPri. Many kpop boybands bring in the members, literally, as preteen boys and then train them in singing, dancing, and give them makeovers long before they debut. It could take them years before the production company gives them the go ahead, and in the meantime, members could’ve been switched out and replaced several times before the final group releases their first song. Boy bands are manufactured products, developed by market research and honed through time.

Again, I’m not looking for straight-up accuracy in an anime, but I wish that they would include an aspect of that difficulty in debuting the band above finding them rivals.

In the meantime, I’ll just continue giggling at Ichinose’s sweet dance moves.


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