Devil Survivor 2: Your Secret Organization is Useless

Devil Survivor 2

I had such high hopes from the first episode of Devil Survivor 2. Tokyo’s in chaos,  monsters are appearing out of nowhere, and there are kids summoning demons out of their cell phones!

Maybe it was just me but I felt the second episode was somewhat of a letdown. JP’s introduced itself and their mission and how they figured out how to summon demons through science, blah blah. They knew about the monsters but didn’t do anything once shit started hitting the fan? No warning to the populace whatsoever? I mean, thank goodness Japan has a fabulous emergency response system — did you see how organized the shelter was where the three kids eventually ended up? they had volunteers organized and everything — otherwise it seems as if JP’s blew their budget on designing the program for demon summoning software and snazzy uniforms, and none for any actual program operations.

It’s such a typical anime trope, isn’t it — a big organization, with all the smarts and manpower available at its command, and they have to rely on three teenagers to do their jobs for them? The organization can’t even figure out how these teens manage to obtain the app to summon monsters in the first place, so I guess it’s asking too much from them to figure out how to defeat the big bad monsters out to destroy the city.


2 thoughts on “Devil Survivor 2: Your Secret Organization is Useless

  1. I felt as though they were making a deliberate point of the fact that JP’s is not really out to help the general populace, with them interfering with the rescue teams and Hibiki complaining that none of their obviously vast resources were being put into aiding the people during the disaster.

    • I agree with that, and of course, different agencies help in their own ways. I just had the impression JP’s does a lot of posturing around and would only act if they themselves were being harmed.

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