Curse of the Queen of Hair

It was a funny little throwaway detail: Iwai’s ancestor, Zablefahr, was the first Queen of Hair and essentially the origin of all of their current problems. Zablefahr left behind two curses: the first one explains the origin of the Killing Goods, which are the possessions of the killers endowed with special properties, whereas the second explain Iwai’s own curse, the Queen of Hair passing on to her own descendants the legacy of having hair that cannot be cut, thus continuing the awful fate of the Queen of the Hair and the Killing Game.

Thanks Professor, I mean, that totally explains everything.

Iwai’s shocked reaction during this scene was really interesting to me. This infodump about the curse must not be new to her — was she just afraid for Kiri to hear the truth out loud? Kiri, at this point, is pretty much taking all of this in stride. Things have been weird ever since he decided to talk to Iwai, so what’s another strange story.  Iwai, on the other hand, acts as if she is only finding out about everything just now. She knows about the Killing Goods, she knows about the secret organization, and I’m sure she knows (prior to Crazy Megane announcing it during the fight with Kiri) that the endgame is her death. Are her reactions merely a result of her own denial?

(This may sound insensitive, but I’m honestly surprised that Iwai hasn’t taken her own life yet. If there are crazy killers out there fighting over the chance to get a wish granted through her death, wouldn’t it be easier to screw them over and end the game on her own terms? Whatever, I know I’m morbid.)

Like Izumiko, Iwai also belongs to the “I Want to be a Normal Girl” club. Again, it may just be me, but with a cloud of death constantly hanging over her, it seems that being teased by her classmates as a result of her long hair should be the least of Iwai’s problems.  Iwai’s curse doesn’t seem to be a result of her ancestor’s impetuous nature, but rather, her own insecurity. Until Kiri showed up, Iwai choose of her own will to give in and stay at home, protected by the two crazy sisters and the lolicon professor.  If she wants to be normal, she has to take her fate into her own two hands and claim it through her own strength. Otherwise, she can dream about it all she wants, she will never have it.


One thought on “Curse of the Queen of Hair

  1. Since Iwai plays an integral role in this series, I don’t see her having a death cloud hanging over her, if death cloud = death flag) I’m pretty sure she’ll have plot armor in every episode. With that one exception, I have to say I agree with you 100%.

    “She has to take fate into her own hands and claim it with her own strength. Otherwise, she can dream about it all she wants, she will never have it.” < Also love this!

    This statement is so true for Iwai and it's also true for all of us in real life. We can have big dreams but if sit idly not doing anything about them, then they'll never come true (which should be obvious) but I found it inspirational, it's something that I don't think about nearly as often as I should. Arigato for the post and inspiring message. ^^

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