Three-Episode Test: Uta no Prince-sama 2

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I actually don’t think it’s possible to write about UtaPri2 without attaching an animated gif. It’s one of those shows where you’re not really expected to take anything seriously; if you do, you’ve just been trolled.

Which is not to say that UtaPri2 is rolling in gags every two seconds. In the three episodes, it’s managed to sneak in some minor plot development. I admit that my comments about them become pro were made in haste; as Shining Saotome was only too willing to remind them, one song and one concert aren’t enough to make them idols. They’re still unknown and it’s part of their responsibility in the master class to make themselves known. I actually do like that scene in episode 3 where they all talk about their various jobs in addition to singing with Starish. Like real life (Asian) boy bands, each of the members have to take on additional jobs above and beyond the group, be it acting in dramas or commercials or being a product spokesperson. They are promoting themselves as individuals, but it’s also a crucial part of developing the band’s brand.

It was this week’s episode that cinched my decision to continue watching. Episode 2, which was about Cecil officially joining the master class and meeting the rest of the group, wasn’t very interesting. Maybe it’s Cecil’s princely arrogance that I didn’t like? He just reeks of Gary Stu in how he’s perfect all the time. Excuse me, weren’t you a cat last season?

I was glad to see that this week focused on Syo, the hotheaded shorty and his struggles as a tv drama actor. I like that Syo couldn’t do everything perfectly, had to struggle a bit. I guess they needed that in order to make a song montage bit, but hey, I appreciate the effort in trying to present each member with their individual episode. UtaPri works on archetypes, so expecting complex character development for each of them is as possible as having donkeys grow wings.

Speaking of character development, I confess that I don’t hate Nanami as I thought I would. I think she’s cute, but obviously very dumb in a lot of basic life skills. Okay, she can write and compose songs, but she walks out to a tv studio and doesn’t realize that she’s getting on top of a dangerous set? I’m aware that I’m hating, but she’s exactly the type of character where I’m left wondering why all the fictional boys are in love with her. I realize that all otome game heroines are cut from the same dopey piece of cloth, that they’re all supposed to be blank slates that the player can project themselves on, etc, but most of the time, I’m embarrassed on behalf of the heroine. You’re representing the female of our species — don’t act so dumb! You are making the rest of us look bad.

Decision: Yes, will continue watching with no regrets. It’s fun, fluffy, and sometimes the seiyuu actually have some nice image/character songs.


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