Welcome to the Yumi Tamura Moveable Manga Feast

Welcome to the May 2013 Moveable Manga Feast. I am Anna, your host, and I’m happy to feature one of my favorite manga creators, Yumi TAMURA, as the focus of this month’s feast.

2013 is a milestone year for Tamura: in 1983, she debuted with her short story Ore-tachi no Zettai Jikan (“This is the Time for Us”) and won the Shogakukan Grand Prize for new artists in the same year. Ten years later, in 1993, she won the Shogakukan Manga award for best shojo manga for Basara. Ten years after that, in 2003, she won the Shogakukan Manga for best shojo manga award yet again for 7Seeds.

As of this writing, three of her works have been published in English: Basara, Chicago, and Wild Com.

For this week, various members of the manga community will be posting their thoughts on Tamura’s works. I have a particular fondness for Basara, so I apologize beforehand if my posts will be more skewed to that series more than the others.

If you would like to submit your own review or post to be included in the daily link round-ups, comment below or tag your post #TamuraMMF on twitter or tumblr. Older reviews are welcome as well. Let’s celebrate the Yumi Tamura love!