Anime and Reading Goals for 2014

Hello and Happy 2014! It’s just a bit into the first week of the new year and it’s taken me that long to finalize what I want to accomplish for this blog and how I want to direct my anime-watching and book-reading activities. Of course this could all fall apart tomorrow, but when I write something down, I’m actually more inclined to stick to it than not.

BLOGGING – I’d like to start posting at least once a week. I know on the sidebar it says that I intend to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays but with that disclaimer, I may as well have promised you the moon. At the very least, I’d like to publish at least 50 new posts by the end of December, even if that means I’ll post more often in one month than another — which really isn’t any different from the way that I’ve doing things in this blog now.

ANIME – Make it so to watch something regularly, even if it’s an older series, movie, or something that only you’ll care about. Between DVDs and Hulu, there’s a lot of anime out there that have been on my to-watch list for years, and really, there’s no excuse anymore not to see them.

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do for years and which is actually happening is my rewatch of Rahxephon. Yes, the series that started my descent into the insanity that’s anime fandom. January is Rahxephon Month here at Tokyo Jupiter so expect a few random posts about it in the upcoming days.

By December, I’d really like to completely finish 30 anime series. I realize that a 13-episode series doesn’t require the same time/energy investment as a 52-episode series, but in my world, a win’s a win. I’d like to mix up the types of shows too, like finally going through the Noitamina series that I didn’t see to watching some of that biking anime all the kids are talking about on twitter. And you know, making more of a dent on One Piece, which I will probably be watching till I’m forty. Or older.

READING – I set a goal of 75 books on Goodreads, but I’d like 50 or more of those to be actual novels this year. Last year, I was able to read 43 novels and I think I can top that in 2014. I don’t think I’m going to stop reading young adult fiction altogether, but I’d really like to go back into reading more adult novels and nonfiction, especially science-based nonfiction.

I’m still working on reading (1) one book from the Western literature canon per month; (2) one book written by a non-American or British author per month; (3) one book on faith or spirituality every other month. What can I say? I like making little challenges for myself.

Did you set up any personal challenges for yourself in terms of blogging or your media consumption? Is there anything you’d want to suggest for me to try to watch/read for this year? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Anime and Reading Goals for 2014

    • There’s a lot of 13-episode one-season series that I haven’t seen… half a year of that and I think I should be close enough to the goal.

  1. I haven’t posted about it but my ‘goal’ for this year is to have the number of books read reach 10 or more. It’s a modest goal but the highest number of books I read in a year was 32 (and I had a lot of time because I had quit my job).

    re: One Piece
    I finished up to 600 episodes in last year, but then again I skipped the recaps and some of the fillers 😛 …so maybe that’s one reason why I read so few books last year.

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